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Transparent Double-Sided  Magic Nano-Tape
Transparent Double-Sided  Magic Nano-Tape
Transparent Double-Sided  Magic Nano-Tape
Transparent Double-Sided  Magic Nano-Tape
Transparent Double-Sided  Magic Nano-Tape
Transparent Double-Sided  Magic Nano-Tape
Transparent Double-Sided  Magic Nano-Tape

Transparent Double-Sided Magic Nano-Tape

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• [ VERSATILE USE NANO GRIP TAPE] It can be used in all aspects of life, such as kitchen, office, mobile phones or car holder, picture frame, wall stick, pen holder, hook, small tool, sticky pads, decorative patches, wall decore. Crystal clear alternative to nails and fasteners that clear tape can stick to almost any smooth, clean and non-porous surface and stay there.
• [CRYSTAL CLEAR TRACELESS TAPE] This fantastic adhesive double-sided tape is made up of Nano-gel material, Non-toxic, recyclable, and eco- friendly. Through its technology, it can grip on any surface
• [STRONG STICKINESSCAN BE CUT]It can hold up to 1KG on a plane surface so that you can randomly paste anything. This is simply detached and can be changed in any size and any length you need. It can be stretched, bend, and folded out a shape to meet your desires.
[WASHABLE REUSABLE TAPE] When it is unclean, you can wash it and dry it to regain its adhesiveness. You can simply wash it with water no need to use any kind of detergent and wipes.washing with water is enough to regain sticky tape and reuse it. It will stick pretty well even it is wet.
[THE MOST STUNNING] Removeable traceless washable and reusable –easy to remove and will not damage the object and not leave any residue. It will prove itself with versatile uses in all fields of life.
• [ENVIORNMENT FRIENDLY] This nano magic gel tape is crystal clear and nearly indistinguishable, holds up objects stunningly, and will not leave any stain on the surface.
[DOUBLE SIDED TAPE] This nano magic tape is layered with adhesive on both sides for easy hanging, multiuse.picture-perfect for industrial use like glass, metal, plastic, tile, woodcutter and many more.


Thickness upgrade:

our double-sided tape has been upgraded to a third-generation new product with marvellous thickness. Its thickness is advanced than other comparable products. We have stronger quality and sturdier elasticity, so the thickness can make it more adhesive.

Durable elasticity:

The elasticity of our double-sided tape is also a feature. It has a virtuous anti-shock result, has worthy ductility at high temperatures, and is stress-free to remove.
After washing off the dirt with water and drying the double-sided tape, the tape will regain its stickiness again, which is an almost limitless reusable double-sided tape that is more cost-effective. It can be reused for many years.

Durable viscidness

Through new nanotechnology and malleable material, it holds on all surfaces. This nano tape can be stretched, bending, and folded out of form to meet your requirements.

How to use:

  • Clean the surface you want to stick.
  • Cut it to the right size and stick
  • Peel off the protective film before use.


When the gel tape glutinous damage or the surface is dusty, wash it water and dry it by itself. Then you can use it for more time.

Using tips:

  • Please keep the contact surface of the sticky gel pads hygienic and dry.
  • Press hard gel pad holder for 5 seconds after sticking.
  • Please do not use it on the uneven surface, powder wall, greasy and misty surface.
  • To avoid damaging please do not put expensive and dense things inside.
  • Avoid using this tape on the bent surface and for hanging heavy objects.
  • After washing let it dry naturally do not use any wipes.

Package includes:

1x Nano Magic Tape