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Human infrared Induction Sensor Light
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Human infrared Induction Sensor Light

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1. Use of new high-efficiency white LED technology: high efficiency, power saving, long life, no radiation, energy-saving, environmental protection, explosion-proof, cold lighting, suitable for use in various places, is the latest replacement of traditional light bulbs and energy-saving lamps Light-emitting device.
2. Induction technology: It adopts advanced human body thermal infrared detection and sensing technology, which is different from traditional common technologies such as voice control, touch and button. It has high sensitivity, anti-interference, silent, fast response and long sensing distance. At the same time, it does not emit any type of radiation, the power consumption of the device is very small, and it is non-contact, which can ensure people's health to the utmost extent, and avoid accidental infection of germs.
3. People come to light, people go out of the light: Optimized sensor control design, can achieve people to light, automatic delay to extinguish, no need to turn off the switch, energy-saving worry, no longer worry about forgetting to turn off the lights, liberate themselves.
4. A built-in light sensing device, automatic recognition of day and night state, automatic standby during the day, induction light at night, energy-saving and environmental protection.
5. Exquisite appearance: humanized design, exquisite appearance, stylish ultra-thin, aluminium alloy shell.


1. Suitable for wardrobes, corridors, stairs, study rooms, children's rooms, garage doors, trunks, gardens, etc.