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Back Stretcher For Back Pain Relief

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  • Get pain relief without using drugs anymore: Never before has there you hear this easier way to get rid of back pain. Sciatica and the sciatic nerve can be the reason for back pain and would lead towards the surgery that is risky and make your relay on dangerous drugs that contain so many side effects. By providing this back stretcher we give you a simple and easy way to get relief alternative to drugs and surgery.
  • Stop suffering: If someone suffers from back pain so they know it very well how painful it is but, no need to suffer from it anymore. Pain relief treatments are for short term and did not full fill their promises and have the pain return shortly. Our products have provided immediate and long term relief. If you suffer from back pain then you should try this back pain stretcher.
  • Safe and skin-friendly: That back stretcher is made up of environmentally friendly ABS material and provides you with a harmless and safe experience when supports your back so you can try it without any problem.
  • Effective Acupressure massage: The back stretcher has magnetic dots and plastic pins that bring specific acupuncture effect by deeply pressing the specific acupoints. It helps them maintain the blood circulation and activate the natural healing activity and you will defiantly feel relief from back pain, spinal cord and sciatic nerve.
  • Elegant design: The contour of the lumbar traction device is a standard body curve to provide better spinal alignment and provides efficient acupressure massage based on ergonomics concept. Your spinal will feel comfortable because this stricter has a foam pad that is of high quality in its centre and ensures your relaxing level.
  • Reduce costly chiropractor visit: With just a few minutes of daily use, you can experience the same benefits as visiting an expensive chiropractor or through performing yoga that can be done by an experienced yogi .for Sensitive people this can be little bit discomfort as they are, when they visit a chiropractor or do yoga for the first time, Discomfort is short while pain relief is long term relief. So by using this stretcher will not let you go to waste your time and money.
  • Widely used: Ergonomic design allows back massager and stretcher fit for most people to use, can be used on a bed , on a chair, on the floor , and car seat etc. placing on a car seat to support lumbar ache and fatigue and on a chair to ensure correct posture.
  • How it Works: the lower back stretcher with magnetic points and plastic needles bring a good effect by pressing deeply on tissue and points and massage the muscle. Open the intervertebral space to retract the lumbar disc herniation point, reduce compression, relieves pain and correct the imbalance posture.
  • Improves flexibility and portable: Stretching your back on a daily basis enables you to strengthen the muscles of your back. In this way, your body is better prepared to take in the stress of your office chair and lifestyle. The back stretcher folds flat for easy storage and portability so you can easily carry it with you anywhere.
  • Best Gift: Say goodbye to all the factors that destroy your health and to all the fatigues and tension use it for yourself and give the as perfect gift to others.